Luxurious Design

“Like a sculptor, I play with the tridimensional shapes in space. Like an architect, I derive function from the human body.”

Years of architectural studies have set Jeannette Fossas apart from other designers, and the Organica Collection reconfirms that forms following functions is her signature statement.

After carefully choosing a wild mushroom among hundreds, she has molds replicate them through cire-perdue –or the lost-wax casting process. Then, these metal shapes are soldered to hand-constructed geometric functional elements. Together, they turn into unique and comfortable artistic creations.

The Organica Collection is made of sterling silver or brass without plating or coating, to show its natural transformation. The raw material prevents the product from deterioration, and ensures its integrity. As a consequence, the honest processes of patina and oxidation in metal bring out extra character to the piece.

Jeannette Fossas’s approach is sculptural. Her design has unexpected focal points, and contains precise details that can be experienced from several perspectives. Proportion, balance, material and form are carefully studied and enhanced for superb construction, permanence, beauty and comfort.